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      As we all know, great things are only accomplished through great effort.  Jan and I wrestled many nights with the fears of letting go of our comfortable, safe life in suburban America in exchange for a rural, isolated island in a developing country. Even so, God’s “perfect love” continues to release us from the grasp of fear.  (1 John 4:18)  We have come to the understanding that God’s love for us is greater than any fear.  It is because God has shown such great love to us that we long for others to experience this same love.  That is what moves us to continue in this ministry. 

    It is our prayer that you will be moved to move, as we were.  We are seeking partners who believe in us, who believe in reaching out through missions, who long to see lives of teenagers changed,  who believe that God’s gracious love can make a real change in this world.  Our hope is for regular people who: will give what they can, pray for us regularly, keep in touch with us through: calls, facebook, email, skype - let us know what is going on with you, read our newsletters and check the website regularly.  We would love for mission partners to help us connect with other like-minded people who want to make a difference in this world through: hosting get-togethers for us to share our story, connecting Gabe with speaking opportunities for churches, organizations, and the like, or simply telling a friend or two about this cool mission that you are involved with.  Now that we are on Long Island, we are looking for visitors and mission groups to join work we are doing.

    A really great thing about the ministry of the Caribbean Youth Network is that every penny given goes directly to impacting student’s lives.  Financial donations will do 3 things: First, supply our family with what we need to live and work on Long Island.  This puts a needed team member on the field. Second, provide program budget needs for the ministry. These things will enable us to build relationships, captivate the attentions of students and mentor them in their faith. Third, cover extra expenses that are incurred because of this unique ministry assignment, for example; travel, immigration fees, duties, and tax expenses. 

    It would be great honor for us and this ministry if you would carefully and prayerfully examine our gift plan (CLICK HERE for the Giving Page)  These numbers are simply guides, anything  you can do to support this venture is definitely needed and extremely appreciated.  Please take the time to consider what you may be able to invest monthly or annually. We are asking our regular contributing partners to make at least a 42 month commitment and to begin as soon as they are able.  

    All donations are tax deductible through CYN’s non-profit status and you will receive statements for your records.  You can also expect to receive regular stories about the ministry in Long Island and other Islands as we expand.  You will get these through our website, email newsletters, and an occasional letter.  We will be returning to the States annually for visits and we will let you know the times and places we will be so that we can reconnect. 

    As a mission partner, we want you to be extremely well informed about the great things God is doing through you!  This would not be possible without you!

    I cannot thank you enough for giving some of your time to become aquatinted with this amazing opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world.  It is my prayer that God would do things over the next few years that none of us could dare to ask or imagine. 

    There is only so much one can say in a letter or website.  I absolutely would love the opportunity to share with you more.  Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to know more about this exciting ministry.

    This is indeed an amazing adventure that God is leading us on, it is my sincere hope that you would join the journey with us!  Do you want to come along? 

In His Grace,



Dear Friend,

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives, our heart for ministry, and this amazing adventure God has opened before us.  As Jan and I take each step forward we are blown away by the encouragement we receive from others and the grace God gives us to take the next step. 

    As you would assume, we cannot journey this path alone.  A mission this significant can only be accomplished through the efforts and investments of many people.  We are seeking friends who will be willing to partner with us.